TECs use the thermoelectric Peltier effect to heat and cool a thermal load at a chosen set-point, rapidly, and with very high precision. TEC controllers run a PID loop to drive the TEC, with a temperature sensor for feedback.

After buying and using many different TEC Controllers over the years, we decided to make our own – the available commercial offerings all seemed rather expensive, inflexible, and outdated.

Clarify's patent-pending Smart TEC Controllers offer a powerful new degree of flexibility and performance. Each hardware function is modular, so you can mix and match high-power units for your specific thermal loads, communications modules for all popular interface protocols, temperature modules for all popular thermal sensors, and an Arduino-based control module which ties it all together.

Our Smart TEC Controllers are suitable for precision laser control, especially when used with our Smart Laser-Diode Drivers, and are also ideal for a wide range of industrial, life-test, and bio-medical applications.

Modularity means you only buy and house the capabilities you need, yet can upgrade or reconfigure quickly and cost-effectively at any time. Start a system or experiment now, with confidence that you can scale up to higher powers, different interfaces, and a whole network of controllers as your needs grow and evolve. Design in our OEM versions, and inherit all the flexible configuration options of our family of drivers, sensors, and communications interfaces. Continuous monitoring ensures the safety of your valuable laser diodes, devices under test, experiments, or samples.

If you need something special, just ask… we love a new challenge.

  • Choose power modules from 4 Amps at 12 Volts, up to 32 Amps at 35 Volts
    • 4V/2A, 12V/4A, 12V/20A, 24V/8A, 24V/20A, 35V/10A, 35V/32A
    • The control module can drive small TECs, even without adding a power module
    • The power module attaches via a cable, and can be up to 6 meters from the control module
  • Choose input modules for thermistors, thermocouples, RTDs, or even SPI-bus temperature sensors
    • 10k/15kΩ thermistors
    • 100/500/1kΩ RTDs
    • Diodes
    • J or K thermocouples
    • SPI chips, such as a TI LM74
    • The control module can read thermistors, even without adding an input module
  • Choose communication modules for WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, Zigbee, I2C, SPI, and UART/serial/RS232 (ask about custom modules)
    • The Ethernet module is ideal for laboratory automation and LIMS, and for life-testing large arrays of devices under test
    • The wireless modules are great for distributed systems and IOT
    • The bus modules can tie Smart TEC Controllers into your low-level inter-device control and automation
    • Interface to any of the communications modules using the standard Arduino GUI, or our down-loadable Visual Studio GUI source code
    • Use your smart phone to interface with the WiFi and Bluetooth communications modules
    • The control module provides USB, even without adding an input module
    • Smart TEC Controllers can also run stand-alone with push-button controls, and you can track their activity on the built-in 2.8 inch LCD, all without requiring a PC
  • Set alerts and enforce shutdown protections using voltage, current, and power limits, automatic TEC aging tracking, and digital inputs
  • Use the control module's GPIO to…
    • Signal that a limit has been reached or a shutdown has occurred
    • Turn off your active device
    • Control the voltage of a compatible power supply, such as a Mean Well SPV-300-24
  • We've taken the mystery out of PID control
    • First, run your TEC Controller in manual mode to observe safely how it works
    • Then use our fast intelligent auto-tuning for your specific thermal environment to ensure optimal performance, with temperature versus time charts on the built-in LCD or on your PC
    • Or if you're too busy being a scientist or engineer, off-load your TEC setup needs to us… we're always here to help