After buying and using many different Laser-Diode Controllers over the years, we decided to make our own – the available commercial offerings all seemed either too limited, or rather expensive, inflexible, and outdated. Even worse, some commercial laser drivers are not careful about brown-outs or shutdowns, and can fry your laser.

Clarify's patent-pending Smart Laser-Diode Drivers offer a powerful new degree of flexibility and performance. Each hardware function is modular, so you can mix and match high-power units for your specific LDs, with communications modules for all popular interface protocols, and an Arduino-based control module which ties it all together.

Combine Smart Laser-Drivers for multiple wavelengths for display and microscopy applications, with digital, PWM, and analog modulation and power control. Even color-tune and set white-points, fully automatically, with real-time color-sensor feedback. And our Smart LD Drivers work with our Smart TEC Controllers to temperature lock or tune your LD.

Modularity means you only buy and house the capabilities you need, yet can upgrade or reconfigure quickly and cost-effectively at any time. Start a system or experiment now, with confidence that you can scale up to higher powers, different interfaces, and a whole network of drivers as your needs grow and evolve. Design in our OEM versions, and inherit all the flexible configuration options of our family of drivers, sensors, and communications interfaces. Continuous monitoring ensures the safety of your valuable laser diodes, devices under test, experiments, or samples.

If you need something special, just ask… we love a new challenge.