See FAQs for our HOEs and our clariFAM TEC and Laser Diode controllers, or this detailed clariFAM PowerPoint

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Here's the pitch…

We're a small team of dedicated proven engineers based in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have decades of practical experience in optics, electronics, software, and systems. We're especially skilled in holography (HOEs and pictorial) including conventional analog optical and CGH/digital, scientific and numerical software, optical analysis and troubleshooting, analog and high-speed digital electronics including algorithm and interface acceleration using GPUs, DSPs, FPGAs, and ASICs, and systems engineering for the whole life-cycle of technology-driven products from cradle to grave.

We like to assist with every technical step of a new product or new technology introduction, from concept creation, through prototyping and development, always with an absolute commitment to communicating clearly with you, so there are no mistakes, no slippages, and no surprises. We don't usually take projects beyond proof-of-concept ourselves, but we will help you get into production at scale. Realistically, we can’t always help all along the way, so we also work very effectively on more specific issues, especially for larger projects, or when called upon to troubleshoot an existing design or process.

We speak your language. Our core skills are in the research and development of optics, electronics, software, and systems, all to the deepest levels…but we're also very comfortable with the needs of marketing, finance, HR, legal, and project/contract management, so the entire process goes smoothly. Without the engineering disciplines, there's never a product – but without these other skills your product can never win in its marketplace.

We're here in the US, so we work closely with you and your team, we'll protect your IP, we'll be fast and responsive, and we'll be clear on what our deliverables will be, and when. If you need continuing support, we'll be there for you.

We value long-term relationships, repeat business, and referrals. We'll tell you up-front if we can't help, and, if possible, we'll find someone for you who can. No BS.

We have well-equipped labs for optics and electronics, and local relationships with skilled engineers, designers, and prototype/model makers for mechanics, thermal, fluidics, testing/certification, and packaging. Everything from tools to parts to whole systems. We're also happy to travel to your site, and to your vendors, partners, and customers, or you can come visit us any time and even use our lab…whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time and economically.

We follow a maker ethos… work hard, build it fast, test it intelligently, iterate as needed, enjoy what you do – and if you don't try you can't succeed.

We don't play the blame game… we're only interested in resolving the issue at hand,and we stand behind our work – if we make a mistake, we'll fix it.

We value and respect your time and money, and we won't waste them.

And we're nice people to work with !

Jack Waterman

Co-Founder & Director of EE

Jack's in charge of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

5024 S Ash Ave #106
Tempe, AZ 85282, USA